Local week long firefighter training brings together firefighters from all of the county

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Firefighters from up and down the state are in the Central Valley this week for annual training.

In an instant, anything can change for firefighters when they respond to a fire. That's why annual training is so crucial. This is the 20th year the Fresno and Clovis Fire Departments are hosting the state's week-long fall training symposium."We have quality firefighters that are coming not only to learn from us, but we learn from them. Just making the Valley that much more safer," said Peter Martinez, Fresno Fire Department.

The Clovis Fire Training Center was ground zero for a lesson on fire flows, how firefighters monitor smoke, and flames pouring out of doors and windows. "Anytime you get an opportunity to see it in a controlled environment-- obviously we don't enjoy seeing homes on fire, it is part of the job. We're kind of built to deal with it, accept it in our own way," said Nolan Stempson, Clovis Fire Department.

Nearly 600 students and instructors are here this week for the program. The Central Valley is a central location for firefighters up and down the state. But the program is catching the attention of some firefighters from as far north as Canada. "What I enjoy about it is the quality instruction is second to none, but the way the Cal State TO's run it is very grass roots. They're using California talent to do all the teaching," Darren Lee, British Columbia.

Lessons are free for all firefighters thanks to the volunteers sharing new firefighting tactics.
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