Simple Solutions: Cavities and ways to prevent them

FRESNO,Calif. (KFSN) -- Over 92-percent of American adults 20 to 64 have had cavities in their permanent teeth and many think that their sugar intake is the main culprit.

Still enjoying those piles of Halloween candy and fearing more cavities? Sugar can help cause tooth decay but what's actually causing the cavities?

Bacteria turns carbs like sugar, potatoes, and fruits into acid that dissolves your tooth enamel. And the most common way to get that bacteria-- kissing.

Another way to get cavities? Aggressive dental hygiene. Two out of three people brush too hard, exposing your roots, leaving your mouth vulnerable.

And if you're taking one of more than 400 medications that can cause dry mouth, you're increasing your chances of tooth decay. Saliva helps neutralize acids and protects teeth, so try chewing sugar-free gum or drinking water to keep hydrated.

Because soda and energy drinks contain sugar and acid, dentists recommend if you can't give them up, use a straw. It will keep the fluids away from your teeth and be sure to rinse afterwards.
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