Sears Automotive Repair center to pay $450K in civil penalties

The Fresno County District Attorney said Sears Automotive Centers, primarily in the Central Valley, settled a consumer protect case involving overselling repairs and unpaid sales tax.

The State of California, Department of Consumer Affairs and Bureau of

Automotive Repair said inspections revealed Sears oversold engine oil and repairs in violation of the California Automotive Repair Act. They also found Sears did not charge the appropriate amount of sales tax for parts installed.

Under the terms of the settlement, without admitting any wrongdoing, Sears agreed to charge sales tax on the parts installed and correct the violations of the Automotive Repair Act by implementing training program to their employees. In addition, Sears agreed to pay $450,000 in civil penalties and costs. Sears also agreed to pay the unpaid sales tax, interest, and penalties to the State of California, Board of Equalization.