$100,000 grant helps start the development of new soccer field in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A $100,000 grant is helping to kick start the development of a new youth soccer field in southwest Fresno.

Saint Rest Baptist Church's Economic Development Corporation received the funds from the Wood Next Fund. It's the philanthropy of Roku CEO Anthony Wood.

Church leaders say the goal of the soccer field is to provide a safe space for children to exercise and play. The project will include new turf and overhead lighting.

Community members say the area has lacked resources like this for years, but they continue to advocate for change.

Senior Pastor at Saint Rest Baptist Church, DJ Criner said, "It starts when one seed is planted in good soil and today because of our partnership, because of this grant, the seed has been planted in this soil and you are going to see a removal of all these brown fields and you are going to start seeing green grass grow. Whenever you see green grass grow, you know there's hope."

CalViva also previously contributed toward the soccer field, but officials say the whole project could cost up to $1 million so they're seeking more donations.
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