Sanger school only school in California to receive Gold Ribbons Awards Program honors

SANGER, Calif. (KFSN) -- Sanger Unified is celebrating success after Jefferson Elementary was the only school in California to receive three honors under the Gold Ribbons Awards Program.

The Gold Ribbons Awards Program recognizes schools in California that achieved success in student learning when it comes to arts, physical education, or nutrition. Jefferson Elementary in Sanger Unified was the only school in the state to apply for honors in all three and win.

"There is really something about the culture at this school site in particular, about how they believe in a healthy lifestyle for kids in both nutrition, physical fitness, and it goes out to the families as well," said Adela Jones, Sanger Unified Associate Superintendent.

The distinction is also based on schools receiving federal title one funds that aid in meeting the educational needs of students living at, or below, the poverty level.

The principal of Jefferson Elementary said parents want the foundation of their child's education built with the help of performing arts.

"Here in this community, knowing that parents aren't able to go out and afford music lessons or acting lessons, this is a great resource for them to able to get those things and get those students involved in the arts," said Samuel Polanco, Jefferson Elementary Principal.

Students have those opportunities through a performance on Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory to learning to play the flute to learning about what's behind a masterpiece from a famous artist. School leaders believe this will help in other subjects as well.

"Our students are able to practice vocabulary, and just to be exposed to different things, learn about different cultures, and utilize that in their everyday lives as well," said Polanco.

Teachers and staff said learning will continue to move forward, but students said the fun and hard work is just getting started.

"What I like about my school is that we do a lot of fun stuff and we learn about artists," said Mia Moreno, Jefferson Elementary Student

"She teaches us more about it so we can get an A plus," said Daniel Torres, Jefferson Elementary Student.
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