Summertime Construction Projects Planned across the District

Dozens of construction projects districtwide will be in full swing during the summer break.

From the repainting of schools and the installation of exterior lighting to repaving play courts to the relocation of portables, dozens of schools will have projects complete by the beginning of the 2016-17 academic year in August.

Changes at Addicott Elementary School over the summer are expected to be among the most dramatic. The school serves students with severe disabilities, including those who are orthopedically impaired, intellectually disabled, have multiple disabilities, are deaf and have other health impairments.

The $2.5 million project will include additional handicap accessible walkways, safety features, and expanded sensory walls and gross motor areas so students can expand their skills.

Addicott: Modernization, August/2016
Bullard: Portable Replacement, June/2016
Robinson: Kindergarten Building Site Utility and Parking Lot, September/2016
Duncan: Gym Cooling, September/2016

Ericson: Exterior PA Speakers, July/2016
Fremont: Water Conservation Project, August/2016
Homan: Pave Play Courts, August/2016
Homan: Exterior PA Speakers, July/2016
Homan: Water Conversation, August/2016
Manchester GATE: Chiller Replacement, August/2016
McLane: Gym Cooling, August/2016
Roeding: Water conservation, August/2016
Thomas: Water conservation, August/2016
Phoenix Academy: Exterior public address speakers, July/2016
Roosevelt: Gym Cooling, September/2016
Exterior Painting: Baird, Birney, Bullard TALENT, Calwa, August/2016
Easterby, Ericson, Heaton, Jefferson, Lane, Norseman, Powers,
Thomas, Wilson, Wishon
Exterior Lighting: Ahwahnee, Baird, Edison Computech, October/2016
Cooper, Fort Miller, Kings Canyon, Scandinavian, Sequoia,
Tehipite, Tenaya, Terronez, Tioga, Wawona, Yosemite
Wolters Elementary - Exterior public address speakers, 7/2016