Valley vacation Bible school goes interactive

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- This summer, many churches in the Valley are hosting vacation Bible school. It's a week of teaching students about faith. And now, local churches are using interactive and modern ways to bring their messages home.

The audience is up on their feet and clapping, but this is no concert; it's vacation Bible school at Northpointe Community Church in Northwest Fresno. And there's also a whole lot of dancing at the First Baptist Church of Clovis.

Welcome to vacation Bible school in the 21st century filled with themes, fun and interactive lessons.

"This is not my momma's Bible school," said Pastor Ken Hendrix. "This is nothing I grew up with at vacation Bible school."

Pastor Hendrix says this year's VBS has attracted more than 100 kids and even more volunteers. They try to keep it fun and interactive, which help keeps church relevant. Parents say it's working.

"They were going to campus club during the regular week and they skipped that," said Stephanie Foster-Thomas. "They were given the choice, do you want to do this or that, which camp do you want to go to? And they wanted to come here to VBS."

Her 10-year-old daughter Elizabeth is one of the many getting involved in the activities.

"I like it a lot because they have fun songs, and we get to do motions, and you kind of memorize it during the second day," Elizabeth said.

Both churches say the programs are meant to teach, but in a fun, interactive way. With so much negativity in the world, the church pastors say they'll keep using technology and creativity to spread a positive message.

"Why wouldn't we use everything we have, every potential tool in the arsenal to say look this is Jesus Christ, and he loves you and cares about you," said Pastor Hendrix.

They say kids enjoy learning traditional lessons with a modern twist.

Both of the programs wrapped up on Friday. Several other churches throughout the Valley will hold VBS programs throughout the summer. Most usually charge a fee that ranges in cost to pay for T-shirts, food and activities.

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