Cost of some city of Fresno recreation programs going up

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The gyms at Fresno's Community Centers are popular and free places to have some fun. But the fee changes approved by the City Council call for a $3 a person charge for adults playing basketball at night at city gyms.

Swimming lessons at city swimming pools will go from $40 to $50. And seniors will be able to buy an annual pass to the city's regional parks for $35, instead of the usual $50 fee.

The City Council approved the fees with little discussion, but a plan to raise the cost of swimming lessons for low-income families was nixed, thanks to council member Oliver Baines.

"I understand the fee increases for the normal lessons, but you are also increasing the discounted rate. I don't want you to increase the discounted rate."

Those rates will remain at $32.

These fee increases were part of an overall increase in city fees. Earlier the council approved major hikes in code enforcement violations as part of the effort to crack down on substandard housing.
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