Valley animal shelters offer holiday adoption discount

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Local animal shelters are having their own Black Friday sales and are hoping to encourage people to adopt a new pet.

To encourage people to bring a furry friend home this holiday season the Central California SPCA's mobile unit was out and it was one of the most popular stops at Fresno's River Park Friday with many looking to take advantage of deep discounts on a new pet.

"When you have five kids you've go to kind of figure it out," new pet owner Jenell Rodriguez said. "So, I said we can go there today and if it's there it's there and we'll get it for the $49."

Rodriguez and her children had been eyeing a little terrier mix puppy for the last week or so at the Central California SPCA but thought the normal $180 adoption fee was a little too steep for them.

"I was waiting for the sale because it's kind of expensive, you know," she said. "When Christmas is right around the corner and your kids want a puppy and so it's hard to wait."

Officials with the CCSPCA hope the Home for the Holiday's sale is just the extra encouragement families need to adopt a new dog or cat. Starting Black Friday and going on through the end of December, all adoptions are just $49.

"This year we are going to have a high goal, and I have a good feeling we're going to hit it," Noah Gomez with the center said. "We're going to adopt out 800 animals into loving homes in this period of time."

The SPCA is hoping they can adopt out dogs just like a pup named Buster, who's been in the shelter for six months already. But adopting or gifting a new animal for Christmas shouldn't be taken lightly. Many at the shelter hope the soft snuggles and puppy kisses are just the start to a long-term commitment.

"There's a lot of care and expenses into adopting an animal and of course you've always got to have that love and compassion throughout their life so we tell them, do the right thing not only for the animal but for your family too," Gomez said.

"I hope not because you know sometimes it's just the environment the setting everybody's doing it, they want to do it as well," pet owner Jose Lemus said. "Hopefully they do it because they really want to have a partner."

Fresno Humane Animal Services is also participating in Black Friday sales. Now through Cyber Monday, pets can be adopted for free thanks to a donation from Zappos.
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