Man convicted of peeping in bathroom at Caruthers rest stop faces charges for doing it again

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A man convicted of peeping at the iconic Caruthers Quik-Stop faces charges for doing it again.

We first reported on David Chavez two years ago when he got in trouble for trying to record someone in the bathroom. He went to court, got a plea deal, and walked away with two years of probation-- that was on a Tuesday.

By Thursday, investigators said he did it again at the same location.

Chavez told us he was under a lot of stress and made a stupid decision. The convenience store let him go, but we uncovered court documents showing he is accused of trying to record an 18-year-old girl showering at a neighbor's house four months after we talked to him.

Chavez will be in court Thursday on charges related to the last two incidents.

Chavez is currently the Sports Editor at the Collegian Newspaper at Fresno State. We reached out to the University for comment, but have not received a response yet.
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