Lucy Xiong's boyfriend talks about the concerning final phone call

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Time stands still at the apartment complex where Lucy Xiong disappeared. Her parents reliving the same fear every morning while her boyfriend, Xou Hang, gets accustomed to a new daily routine.

"I just come here, talk to her parents and then go out, drive around and see if I see her or anything suspicious."

Xou was at home last Friday when Lucy called- a phone conversation he's analyzed in depth. He said Lucy was clearly upset but would not tell him why.

"I knew something was going on, I tried to ask her, but couldn't get anything out of it."

Xou said he stayed on the line, even though she wasn't talkative, then, a few minutes later came the scream.

"It was definitely a surprised and scary scream-- kind of like someone was approaching her and really quick."

That clue led officers to believe her disappearance may involve foul play.

Xou said Lucy treated everyone with kindness, especially her own parents, which is why he believes she would never go missing.

"Her parents have been crying every day, all of us really miss her."

So far dive teams haven't found any clues in the canal she may have fallen into, leaving detectives to return to the streets and re-interview neighbors.

Xou said his search isn't over either.

"I never had told her that I love her, as long as my heart is still beating, and her family, we will always come looking for you."

Police said their focus now is back to who was using Lucy's credit and debit cards and checking to see if there are any new transactions.
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