This 6-foot-long pizza is bigger than most who eat it

BROOKLYN, New York -- Is there such thing as too much pizza?

The answer's "no" to Fornino, a pizzeria that makes 6-foot-long pies. That's larger than your average American man.

Fornino, with three Brooklyn locations, started making gargantuan pizzas 3 months ago. Owner and chef Mike Ayoub drew inspiration for his thin, crispy pies from Roman fare.

"Typically, you'd get it in Roman Campo de' Fiori," he said. They'd cut you a little slice, they'd fold it over, and hand it to you in a little paper napkin, and you'd be on your way."

These Italian-inspired pizzas are always rectangular, never round. And don't even think about using a pizza cutter, Ayoub prefers serving slices with scissors.

They always turn out "very thin, very crispy and "very wonderful," Ayoub says.

The cost for one pie? Up to $150. But each order feeds six to eight people and comes with an antipasti and salad.

And if that's too pricey for your budget (or you have fewer mouths to feed), don't worry. Fornino sells a 4-foot version that's a little more "transferable."

You can find Fornino in Williamsburg at 291 Kent Ave, or in Greenpoint at 849 Manhattan Avenue. If the weather permits, they occasionally have a spot at Pier 6 at Brooklyn Bridge Park.
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