Mental competency trial date set for Fresno shooting spree suspect

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A trial date has been set to determine if Kori Muhammad is mentally competent to be held responsible for the murders of four Fresno men.

Muhammad was quickly removed from the courtroom Friday morning when he launched into his familiar outburst calling for reparations for black Americans and proclaiming "Allahu akbar."

His attorney says he is still gathering evidence to show Muhammad is mentally ill.

"There's a long history of mental health issues in Mr. Muhammad's life and we're trying to track down all the evidence that points in that direction," said Richard Beshwate, attorney.

The January 8th trial could rely on a jury, or just a judge, to determine Muhammad's competency.

Two psychiatrists have said he is not competent, but one says he is. Of the four men Muhammad is accused of killing, three were alleged to have been targeted because they were white.

The murders took place in April of this year.
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