College students and community marches for immigration reform

College students along with community members gathered in Merced Friday morning for a three day immigration reform march.

"Our dreamers, their futures are under attack," said Rosa Salmeron a protester from Fresno. "Our families futures are under attack and we want congress to do something."

Dozens of people will walk more than 42 miles until they reach Modesto on Sunday. The march was organized by organizations, La Lucha Sigue!, the Fresno State Social Work Student Association S.W.S.A and Mi Familia Vota. Through the march protestors hope to get the attention of our local congressman.

"we want our congressman to take action," said Salmeron." "we want them to pass the dream act. We want them to know that we are willing to march over 99,000 steps so they can take one step and that is to pass the dream act."

DACA recepients also took to the streets. Stansislaus State student Karen Alcazar was among the protestors. She came to the U.S. from Mexico when she just 4-years-old.

"All I remember is playing with friends, but that is about it I do not know much of over there, I know here," said Alcazar.

Alcazar grew up in the North Valley. Today she fears being deported.

"Gustine is where I live," said Alcazar. "That small town is where everyone saw me grow up, we all have connected bonds and knowing that could end is really scary."

Representative Devin Nunes released a statement today in support of reform.

The statement said, "Hopefully congress will act quickly not only to find a fair solution for these people, but also to enact fundamental immigration reform so that we will no longer face these sorts of problems."

The group stopped Livingston Friday night and will continue their trek tomorrow until they reach Turlock.
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