Visalia meal prep company making dinnertime easy and nutritious

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- It is a busy day inside the Precision Prep's newly expanded location in Visalia, as owner Lauren Evangelho prepares her meals for sale.

"I didn't take no for an answer. Every time somebody said it can't be done or sorry we can't help you, I just kept finding other solutions. It's just a matter of being persistent," said Evangelho.

The former personal trainer turned business owner has remained on a focused regiment.

The small business administration says 63 percent of small employers go into debt to start their companies.

Evangelho has been able to pay as she has grown and for the past two and a half years, she has focused on her passion -- healthy food.

"Pretty much 99 percent of my life is thinking about food," said Evangelho.

On Mondays, she meal preps for all of her orders. She makes about 200 meals from her kitchen for those who want the convenient and healthy food.

"I get a lot of diabetics, people that have special dietary requirements. I get a lot busy moms, single dads, business people who don't have time to cook. I have athletes side, a lot of bodybuilders and athletes," said Evangelho.

Her service includes prepared meals, bakes, and fresh prep packages.

"I want to change the concept of what meal prep is. It doesn't have to be boring, bland, reheated food. Meal prepping can be super easy and taste really good, so that's the idea I put into every meal I make," said Evangelho.

Evangelho's passion has her teaching people how to meal prep themselves. She says good nutrition can change the way you feel.

"My real goal is to actually have people in their everyday life eating healthy, learning how to cook, getting back into the kitchen like it used to be," said Evangelho.

Food for your mind and your body.
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