Jury determines sanity of accused Livingstone's arsonist

On Friday, a court-appointed psychiatrist assigned with evaluating Justin Silva confirmed what Silva's friends have previously said about the 33-year-old man.
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A couple of years ago, he was found to have a brain tumor about the size of a walnut, and that he had that tumor removed at Stanford University. The doctor testified that such a brain surgery can affect a person's ability to reason, or determine right from wrong.

After an interview with Silva in March of last year, the doctor concluded that Silva had bipolar disorder, and that it was his opinion that Silva was so severely mentally ill, that he did not comprehend the wrongfulness of his actions, when two months earlier, he went to his grandmother's house near Lemoore, beat her, and tried to steal her property.

Silva said he felt the devil was inside his grandmother, so he performed an exorcism on her. Evidence, the doctor said, that Silva was manic, psychotic, and irrational at the time of the crimes.
The doctor testified that Silva had been treated for mental illness prior to the incident and that he even tried to get help at a facility in Fresno, but unfortunately was not admitted.

Silva, who's also accused of setting fire to Livingstone's restaurant just weeks before the incident with his grandma was also interviewed by another doctor last year-this one a psychologist.

His opinion, contrary to the first doctor, is that Silva could tell right from wrong, and understood the nature of the crimes he carried out against his grandmother. And remember that Silva still faces charges in Fresno County relating to the Livingstone's fire.

He will have to deal with that before going to prison or a state hospital.
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