Local reaction to Rep. Nunes memo release

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Nunes Memo was billed as a smoking gun, showing the FBI and Justice Department was biased against President Trump.

The claim was based on the idea they obtained a wiretap, from a FISA court based on the evidence provided by Christopher Steele, a former British Intelligence agent, hired by Democrats. The wiretap was on former Trump aid, Carter Page who had strong connections to Russia.

ABC 30 Legal Analyst, Tony Capozzi believes the memo falls short.

(if the memo does not load, click here to see it)

"I just don't see where there is bias in the investigation, clearly from this memo, the Congressman Nunes and the Republicans on the intelligence community are trying to imply that but if all of the facts were to come out I think it would show clearly there was no bias whatsoever," said Capozzi.

Capozzi, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney says there's no way the FISA court which issued the warrant would not have been allowed without a lot more evidence. Democratic Congressman Jim Costa says a follow-up report done by Democrats will show that.

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"Apparently there's an agreement I guess to release the minority report that I've also read that puts the entire process in a chronological order that I think makes it very clear the dossier was not the, was not the pretext for the intelligence agencies determining to go to the FISA court.

The memo has put Valley Congressman Devin Nunes, chair of the House Intelligence Committee in the national spotlight, for better or worse.

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"There probably an awful lot of people in the united states who think Congressman Nunes is deliberately politicizing the FBI and trying to cover up for president trump, indeed President Trump is not helping congressman Nunes right now president trump has actually said he wants this memo released because it will undercut Robert Mueller who is investigating Donald Trump," said Thomas Holyoke.
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