Water, dirt, and love. Clovis woman combines love of plants with interior design

CLOVIS, Calif. -- A Valley woman is combining her love of plants and interior design into a budding business. Yasmeen Gonzalez puts a little bit of water and love into every plant that comes through her business called Foliage Clovis.

"I love that I'm bringing nature indoors so I'm all about doing things outdoors, hands on. I don't like to be behind a computer so bringing nature indoors," said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez is an interior designer by day but runs her own plant business on the side. She has an online store called Foliage Clovis where she sells a variety of potted plants.

"There are a lot that aren't high maintenance, for example, 'snake plants' are really popular, 'mother in laws tongue' is another name for them. There's also the 'monstera plants,' 'fiddle leaf figs' are super popular."

She says plants have become another way to bring life to rooms.

Learn more at www.foliageclovis.com

Gonzalez grows some of the plants on her own in a greenhouse at her home. But she also buys plants from nurseries and wholesalers. She tends to them from seed to pot. It's really an art creating just the perfect pot.

Gonzalez has been able to connect with customers and people online and through Instagram. She takes pictures and posts them online. She says social media has enabled her to reach a bigger audience and help her business grow.

"It's doing really well and it makes me happy because other people have interest in houseplants too and I help bring beautiful nature indoors," she said.

For now, people order their plants from her online store and she meets customers at the urban umbrella in Old Town Clovis.

Prices start at $10 and go up to $60 per plant.

Just like their plants, if her business Yasmeen hopes to expand to a storefront here in Old Town Clovis. She hopes to connect with customers locally.