New Fresno business helping kids get in some much needed playtime for them and their parents

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Toddlers are busy, but at Tiny Tots Playground playing is encouraged.

Allysha Mechikoff, the owner of Tiny Tots Playground, said, "They get to grow right where they are at. They learn right now just by playing. So watching them at the train table or climb up the slides, or we have our craft areas as well, so they're painting, they're coloring, they're playing with play dough which is a huge favorite for sure."

The new business off Willow and Nees focuses on kids five and under.

"I just really felt like there's a need for younger kids to have a place that is their own. There are no older kids that take run of the place and where parents can actually sit and relax," said Mechikoff.

The indoor playground has a wide range of toys to keep toddlers engaged and babies stimulated.

Mother Kristen Crisp brings her two-and-a-half-year-old Kaley.

"It's so nice to get her out of the house and play with other kids with other toys and not make a mess at our house."

Helping kids socialize and adults bond over this stage of life. Mechikoff said she's had a wide variety of customers.

"Since day one we've had a lot of parents coming in together. The dads would come in on their own and we definitely have a lot of moms in here, but the grandparents also come in as well."

The playground charges a daily fee of $10 or a flat rate per month like a gym membership. Playtime for kids and adults is Monday through Saturday.

If all goes well, Tiny Tots Playground could expand their hours in the future.
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