Valley Republican congressmen pushing for action on immigration

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Congressman David Valadao has joined other Republicans in pushing this combination of bills, with somewhat different messages on immigration. It's called the "queen of the hill" tactic.

"It forces a process which brings to the floor of the house, four different pieces of legislation which are defined in the legislation itself," said Valadao (R-Hanford).

The four bills include the most popular with Republicans. It includes tough immigration restrictions like ending family chain migrations, and building a border wall, but then offers a measure of protection for the dream act recipients.

Valadao is just hoping to keep the conversation alive. "It will force the debate to come to the house floor and that's a positive thing."

Democratic Congressman Jim Costa of Fresno isn't sure the legislative tactic will work. He would like to see a straight DREAM Act proposal without harsh strings attached. "First of all, I want to provide legal status for the DACA individuals and the dreamers, and if "queen of the hill" allows us to get there, that would be good. I've spoken to Congressmen Valadao and Denham and they think they've got 40 Republican votes, to support the "queen of the hill" effort and the key would be if they all stay together."

Valadao, a Republican, who represents a district stretching from Kern County to Fresno County, with a majority of hispanics and an edge to Democrats in voter registration, sees a need to have progress on immigration reform, but can only hope his colleagues feel the same way on at least one of the bills.

The one that gets the most votes moves to the Senate and hopefully, the Senate takes it up.

It's impossible to say if any of the bills in the "queen of the hill" resolution will pass, or what the legislation will ultimately say. One has yet to be written and the other three can all be changed or amended.
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