Painting disappears after local art show

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The art community of Downtown Fresno is spreading the word after one artist found out a piece disappeared after a showing.

Michael Howe is a local artist whose work is displayed on murals in Downtown Fresno at several locations including Iron Bird Lofts and the Pearl Building.

But he is asking for help with finding a creation that disappeared after a showing at this month's art hop.

"The painting had to do with getting your wings back, being human and learning to fly," said Howe. "Life can really get you down and so it was kind of him finding his wings again and picking himself up."

Howe works out of his home and his girlfriend's studio at Broadway Studio. The missing piece was last seen at this month's art hop.

Ariel Bird packed up several paintings on display but an entire week went by before she realized one was missing.

"I thought perhaps maybe I had taken it home and forgotten about it but I went home and made sure it wasn't in my car," said Bird. "You know I take a lot of art back and forth between my house and the studio."

Bird checked with the building's owner about surveillance video but had no luck.

"There is a lot of artwork that is hung up around. There is not a whole lot of art that is sitting in the hallway. The art is on the wall for a reason because it is a gallery and work studio," Bird said.

Word of the possible theft got out on Social Media. A Facebook post has been shared over 20 times in just one day.

Howe says he can count on support from the local art community.

"It doesn't get the recognition it deserves sometimes but you know it is not about the recognition but it is about inspiring people to keep going," he said.

Howe said he had an interested buyer for the painting.

While he's flattered people are interested in his work Howe just wants the missing painting back.

"Part of you is appreciative that they liked it enough that they stole it but you know it is not quite the right way to go about showing your appreciation," he said.

The couple did not file a police report for the theft they just ask the missing painting be returned to the Broadway Studios in Downtown Fresno.
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