House fire in Central Fresno destroys home and damages another displacing family

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A fire in Central Fresno destroyed a home and damaged another leaving a family without a place to stay. Firefighters said this isn't their first time being called out to the scene.

The battalion chief told us this is the third time he has responded to this home for a fire. Firefighters said this is an abandoned home.

The fire was called in after 11 Tuesday night. Flames and black smoking could be seen shooting up. Firefighters got to the home and immediately started putting the fire out.

This fire not only destroyed the abandoned home but it spread to the home next door damaging the utilities. Firefighters were faced with down power lines so it changed up their tactics a bit.

PG&E was called out to shut down power in the area for safety.

Fresno Fire Battalion Chief Brian Price said, "The thing that's most concerning is now this vacant home has caused the displacement of the neighbors next door. We really want to take the time to remind folks, hey, if they see something report it to the county, report it to the city, in terms of notifying them of a vacant home. So we can prevent any unauthorized action at the house."

No one was hurt in this fire and there is no word yet on what caused this fire.

It's unclear how long the family next door will be displaced. But we were told Red Cross did come out to help the family find a place to stay for the night.
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