Southwest Fresno company is making its mark for helping put equipment into motion

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Sparks fly and metal is cut to form the perfect cylinder inside the Hydratech warehouse in Southwest Fresno.

"Hydraulic cylinders are used in construction equipment, amusement park rides, defense equipment to move heavy loads or lift people high into the air," said Hydratech General Manager Troy Brandt.

Hydratech has been manufacturing cylinders of all shapes and sizes from the Fresno for 40 years.

"We bring in raw material at one part of the plant, we cut it, machine it, and weld it. We do 100-percent tests on everything we do. So we paint and ship," Brandt said.

It takes about two weeks from start to finish for employees to complete a custom cylinder, which range in size from one inch by six inches to 25 feet long.

Most of their work is sold to government and construction equipment companies, but also to theme parks. You might have even experienced their work.

"We do a lot of the cylinders that control the lap belt bars that hold people into the rides safely. We also do a lot of the animatronic cylinders-- so if you see a character that's moving most of that is done with hydraulic," Brandt said.

About 60 employees help fine tune each cylinder along its route in the Fresno factory. Company officials said they have positions from engineers to machinists and work along with technology to create each piece.

Hydratech said they are proud to manufacture cylinders right here in the Valley that put machines into motion. They are one of many companies that will be gathering for the Valley Made summit Thursday at the Fresno Convention Center.
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