Keeping kids cool during the summer heat

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Several kids are skating into summer getting some much needed time outside away from computers and video game consoles.

The latest skateboarding techniques are part of this summer camp at Todd Beamer Park.

Even though the camp ends at noon, water breaks are built into the curriculum.

At camps where kids are pushing their bodies to the limit like this flag football camp in North Fresno.

Kalob Jones of Lemoore has his cooldown routine perfected, "We're staying cool is we put towels and ice on top of our heads."

About every half hour the kids get a break to grab a cold drink and hang out in the shade.

Stacey Jones of Lemoore says how camps are organized is critical, "What they do is they do most of the harder work in the morning and then a little bit more lenient in the afternoon."

When your child is getting into the danger zone, there are some clear indicators.

Doctor Uma Rao says parents and coaches should pay attention to any red flags, "One of the first signs is usually a throbbing headache. It's kind of like this drum beat where there will be periods of intense headaches, and then it will kind of wane and come back."

Before the hottest part of the day, Shane Sherman of Fresno likes to get his kids burning energy and cooling off at the same time, "We try to get them up early enough, so it stays cool in the morning and then once it starts to get hot you leave, you try to get them down for naps, cool out, cool off in the house."

Doctor Rao says kids need balance and spending time exercising is important, "Even if it's hot, every child should exercise at least one hour per day typically in the evening."
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