Woman recovering after accidental shooting at Fresno apartment

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Pangnhia Yang, 23, is on crutches with a boot on her foot after a quiet evening with her husband and daughter was interrupted by a gunshot.

"When I was sitting like this with my baby and I guess the bullet came straight and it hit and it went through on both sides."

Fresno Police said upstairs her neighbor was cleaning up in preparation for a pesticide spray when he emptied out the gun shells from a handgun. But apparently, one was still left in the chamber.

"At first I was shocked too. I thought, 'oh what happened to me? Maybe I put my foot like that too long, maybe the vein pop or something,'" said Yang.

Yang's husband saw the blood and later realized she'd been shot. He also noticed a small bullet hole in the ceiling. She said she knew something terrible was wrong when she saw the blood and couldn't feel her foot.

"I was just shocked. I can't believe that they didn't put their stuff away good that it actually hit. That shot could've hit me or my baby or my husband. So that was scary for me."

Yang said her neighbor is genuinely apologetic and asked for forgiveness before she was taken to the hospital. She said she is just grateful it missed her baby and husband.

Fresno Police are investigating the accidental shooting to see if any charges should be filed. The gun was registered to the neighbor and lawfully owned.
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