Fresno's Amazon Fulfillment Center open and shipping products

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno's long-awaited Amazon Fulfillment Center has opened and is now shipping products to regional customers, but the e-commerce giant isn't through hiring yet.

A "Welcome Amazonians" sign helps direct employees to their new workplace.

Big rigs are continually moving products in and out of the 855,000 square foot warehouse. Workers are busy tracking down items and shipping them out.

Amazon spokesperson Lauren Lynch said, "There are already hundreds of full-time associates inside filling customer orders. They had what we call Day One which is opening the doors to new associates. They've shipped out their first items to local residents."

The employee parking lot was full of cars, but Amazon still has not completed its hiring process.

Many of the jobs require workers to stand on their feet as they search for items during their shifts. Amazon ultimately wants to hire 1500 workers.

Lynch said, "We're still tracking on that number. We haven't quite reached it yet. We're still hiring for those folks."

The Fresno warehouse is bigger and more modern than the facility Action News visited in Tracy. Lynch explained, "But because the Fresno fulfillment center is a robotics fulfillment center, the items are some of the smaller items. think of things like pet toys or toys or home goods."

More workers are needed for the holidays. If you're interested in applying click here.
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