Gun used in northeast Fresno robbery, carjacking could tie suspect to murder

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno police are working to determine what connection there might be between a murder victim and the man arrested last night after an armed robbery, carjacking, and SWAT standoff.

42-year-old David Hernandez is locked up here for the robbery and carjacking, but not for the murder.

Detectives are calling him a suspect in that murder, but they still want more evidence.

By the time Hernandez surrendered to Fresno police officers at an apartment complex on Copper Avenue, detectives had already launched investigations at two other locations.

First, the smoke shop and parking lot where he's accused of an armed robbery and a carjacking.

Minutes after they tracked him down, they also had to check an apartment complex less than two miles away from where he kept police at bay for five hours.

"While we were working the scene, we received information of a homicide victim or a possible homicide victim," said Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama.

Officers found a woman dead from a gunshot wound in the Cascades Apartments on Saybrook Avenue.

They won't publicly identify her until her family is notified, but they say she's a known associate of Hernandez.

Investigators say surveillance video leaves no doubt Hernandez committed the robbery and his weapon may be a link they need to tie him to the murder.

"The gun used in the robberies is currently being tested for any type of ballistic evidence that we can hopefully use in our homicide investigation," said Lt. Larry Bowlan.

Hernandez has a long criminal history, mainly involving drugs and stealing.

But he was also charged with battery earlier this year and was arrested for DUI last month. It's at least his third DUI, including one where he injured someone.

"He's a confirmed gang member," said Chief Balderrama. "He's a drug addict. He's unstable. Now he's at least being looked at in a homicide. Just pulled off an armed robbery, was in possession of a gun, an illegal firearm, when he shouldn't have one. People like that shouldn't be out roaming the streets."

Police tell us they still have to show a photo lineup to at least one witness, so they haven't released a mugshot of Hernandez.

His bail is currently set at $680,000.

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