Outspoken Fresno State professor Randa Jarrar makes quiet return to campus

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The outspoken Fresno State professor who offended many people on social media earlier this year is now back on campus, but was a lot less vocal on Wednesday.

It's been nearly five months since the outspoken professor sparked controversy with a tweet attacking former First Lady Barbara Bush right after her death.

She missed the first week of school while on leave from the University.

Fresno State Information Officer Lisa Boyles explained that Jarrar, "Was still on a pre-approved leave as of last week that's why today is her first day back."

Jarrar's April tweet brought Fresno State unwanted attention and many called for her to be fired.

University president Dr Joseph Castro condemned the language used by the tenured professor but eventually decided not to pursue disciplinary action against her.

As Jarrar returned to the classroom, she was greeted by friends and supporters, but refused to speak with Acton News.

Despite the backlash online, student interest for one of the three courses taught by the award winning novelist hasn't seem to suffer.

"One of the classes that she teaches is at capacity," said Boyles. "The other two are more specialty upper division classes. They're full enough that there was no consideration of not having them continue."

Students who spoke to Action News said either that they did not know anything about the controversy or it had no bearing on their decision to select her class.

Jarrar is still on Twitter, but her account is now protected, so her words will no longer reach as wide an audience.
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