5-year-old Kassidy Salas in hospital after nearly drowning in bathtub by accident

It is hard not to find yourself smiling when looking at 5-year-old Kassidy Salas.

She is vibrant, outspoken and has a love for pink and Minnie Mouse.

But now she is fighting for her life at Community Regional Medical Center.

Last Sunday, while with a babysitter, she nearly drowned in the bathtub.

Her parents got the call while on a cruise ship celebrating their wedding anniversary.

"I literally began to pray and I called my father and said, 'Go be at her side and do whatever you need to do as if she were me'," says Glory Salas, Kassidy's mother, who was at sea when the dreadful news reached her.

Kassidy's parents made a call to a good friend who works for a private jet company.

That person was able to send a plane out to Catalina Island to get the Clovis couple back to the Central Valley.

Now the family is finding comfort through the power of prayer, holding a service outside the hospital with loved ones, trusting in their faith to guide Kassidy back to good health.

And family members say that healing is happening with the help of doctors who are working around the clock to help this beautiful little girl make a full recovery.

Family members say what happened to Kassidy was a complete accident.

Right now, she has brain trauma.

If you want to help the family with Kassidy's medical expenses, you can contribute via their GoFundMe page.
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