Wisconsin woman finds home intruder asleep with 'guard dog'

WAUKESHA, Wis. -- A Waukesha, Wisconsin woman started the New Year with the surprising sight of an intruder asleep with her "guard dog."

When Lynn Sarver woke up at 5:15 a.m. Tuesday, she checked to make sure the man laying with her dog, Benton, wasn't her son.

"You know because he had dark hair and kind of the same size," Sarver said.

It wasn't. WISN reports an intruder who had too much to drink walked into Lynn's home, and slept next to Benton, a 120 pound mastiff. Benton is supposed to scare intruders away, except that's not what happened.

"When we saw him the dog was sleeping on top of him," Sarver said. "And we called 911 and we were hiding in the kitchen."

Benton, despite guard dog instincts, didn't make a sound and had a cuddle session with an intruder, who apologized and went to the right home.

"You know I mean he didn't mean any harm and he was a very nice kid basically," Sarver said.