Juror remembers convicting man accused of beating Fresno mother to death in previous felony

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Last February, a juror, who does not want to be identified, sat through a 10-day robbery trial for Brandon Moreno. She listened to the evidence and in the end, she and 11 others found him guilty of robbing a man outside of a Target in Central Fresno.

Monday, feelings of disbelief and disgust came over her when she saw his latest mugshot and arrest on homicide charges.

"When I put the timeline together and I realized that he was tried, he was convicted, he served time and he also murdered within less than a year," she said.

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According to court records, Moreno spent just three and a half months in the Fresno County Jail as part of his 180 day sentence. All jurors were told during the trial was that he had a prior felony. They were unaware the crime was for a domestic violence conviction in 2013.

She said at the time of the trial, she felt he was dangerous, "Yes, he had history and I believe he had potential to harm other people."

Amidst the presentations at trial, witness testimony and physical evidence, there was another thing the juror noticed. The face of the young lady in the audience supporting Moreno. She remembered the woman's loyalty to him.

"She cried, she was sobbing as the verdict was read so when I saw the news I was just hoping that it wasn't the same girl and I was just as upset because he victimized another woman," she said.

The woman is believed to be the homicide victim, Yanina Olivarez.

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Fresno Police say she was brought to Community Regional Medical Center with major trauma on her body. Neighbors said they heard fighting constantly inside their apartment.

"To think that within a year she had been supporting him, sitting there with him during trial, crying tears for him, waited for him, and he's released early and attacks her and murders her, I just have a hard time putting it all into perspective," the former juror said.

Moreno will be back in court to enter a plea. He was initially held for violating probation on the robbery before he was booked for murder.

If convicted, he could be locked up for life.
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