52nd annual World Ag Expo kicks off in Tulare; featuring new technology and food

TULARE, Calif. (KFSN) -- The World AG Expo is back in Tulare, and from the newest tractors to livestock, every aspect of agriculture are represented.

This year close to 1,500 exhibitors are on display.

"From A-Z, it happens right here. Everything we eat and everything that you wear is celebrated at the World AG Expo," said CEO of International Agri-Center, Jerry Sinift.

The three-day expo is expected to attract well over 100,000 people from all over the state and the world.

There's plenty to see and even try.

New this year, Manufacturing company AGCO has hands-on demos. They're the third largest Ag manufacturer in the world.

Adults can pick from five different small tractors and take them for a spin in their sandbox.

"We have a place where you can actually get out here and drive these and test your abilities and your skills through obstacle courses," said Jeffery Ratliff, manager of Tactical Marketing.

Tractors aren't the only thing on display. Dairy is also well represented.

Tulare County is recognized as the largest dairy producing county in our nation.

Engineering company GEA is showing off new technology that'll change the milking process.

Their automatic milking system doesn't require any human labor.

"There is nothing like this on the market today. Basically what we are seeing is a transition from manual labor to automation, especially in this market in particular. Some of it is do to labor demands and price," said Stewart Marshall a robotic milking product specialist.

Another big attraction is food.

There's a variety of vendors many of them local. From tri-tip to ribeye, Beef is the big seller.

Sundale School sells ribeye steak sandwiches and year after year; they're a hit. This is the biggest fundraiser for the school.

"We have ten windows, and there is about 30 people clear back across the street. Sometimes I say it is like a 45-minute wait like Disneyland and I would rather wait for a ribeye steak sandwich then wait in line at Disneyland," said volunteer Tom Jones.

You have until Thursday to catch all this and more at the expo. Tickets are $15 for general admission.
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