Rain doesn't put a damper on the last day of the World AG Expo

TULARE, Calif. (KFSN) -- The rain started coming down in Tulare before gates opened for the last day of the 52nd Annual World AG Expo. Giant balloons swayed as winds pushed them back and forth. Dirt roads were transformed into mud and puddles.

"The good news is, the dust is down, it is a great day out here," said Jennifer Fawks, Marketing Manager with the World AG Expo. "We are going to keep an eye on the wind, it is safety first of course. There might be a couple of balloons that we are making sure to stay down."

As water made its way into drains it cut through one of the main passageways. Safety was the number one priority for organizers. Bridges were placed to help people cross. Outdoor exhibitors were unfazed by the wet conditions.

"When it is raining the farmer will be here and when it is sunny he is on the tractor. We are hoping that we get good participation today," said Greg Gilbert with the Western Propane Gas Association.

The Western Propane Gas Association had different propane powered machinery on display. Soggy conditions did not stop people from dropping by.

"We have had great participation this week and we always do, it is a very well supported event," said Rob Scott with the Western Propane Gas Association.

Many attendees made their way out of the rain and into covered pavilions. Exhibitors were thankful for the shelter.

"'We are extremely lucky," said Analisa Lane, with McTeer Machine Planting. "I am so glad we are inside because it would be miserable out there."

McTeer Machine Planting uses satellite and GPS in conjunction with tractors to perfectly plant trees. Lane said rain equals more foot traffic.

"Everybody is out there with their trees blooming and they can't get their work done, but they can come here," she said.

For others like 4-year-old Colton Qualseth, the rain created the perfect conditions, as he splashed in puddles.

Organizers with the expo said the rain resulted in fewer guests, but in return, they saw more farmers who took the day off to visit. Overall attendance has been good for the three-day event despite some wet conditions.
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