Business boom for Valley roofers as storm rips apart roofs of buildings

As the rain continues to pour, customers continue to flow for Valley roofers.

Business is booming as homeowners in need of emergency repairs are clogging up phone lines.

Torrential rains and wild winds packed the one-two punch that destroyed already weakened roofs in Fresno.

At Absolute Roofing, the 49 employees haven't had a chance to rest their feet.

"It's more than doubled, everyone is working full time," says Carolyn Plaza of Absolute Roofing.

From residential homes to commercial businesses, property owners who have put off repairing leaky roofs during the Valley's 10-year drought are paying for that procrastination.

"We didn't have the massive amount of winds or the rain in the last couple years, but this year we are experiencing both, and when you combine the two the winds are gusting and pulling roofs off," Plaza says.

Those severe conditions peeled the roof off at Washington Academic Middle School in Sanger.

Carolyn Plaza says they've placed a temporary tarp on the building.

They typically can't start on permanent fixes until it dries out, but the sheer volume of calls means they are working rain or shine.

"If the sun's out and it's not pouring, they are on a roof sealing it up. Even when it is pouring, they are on a roof sealing it up," Plaza says.

Businesses say left unchecked small leaks can turn into massive problems.

With all the rain we've been receiving, there could be health risks too if mold starts to grow.
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