New Fresno service is the "Uber" of lawn care

All Guillermo Medrano needs is about an hour to bring someone's yard up to tip-top shape. Today he is mowing a lawn and trimming the hedges of this Northwest Fresno home. He typically starts early in the morning and is done before his clients come home. Finding work can be difficult, but his new employer Lawn Love has created new opportunities. The service is making things easier for him and customers alike.

"It is a lot better with lawn love because I do not have to be out there putting up fliers for work," he said. "With them, they get all the jobs for me."

It is kind of like Uber meets Lawn Care. You go online and order outdoor services. This can range from mowing a lawn to cleaning your gutters, to even installing Christmas lights on your house. You schedule a date and time and a professional, like Medrano, comes over and takes care of the rest.

"We have satellite mapping tools and algorithms that will create a structured blueprint of your entire yard," said Lawn Love CEO Jeremy Yamaguchi. "We measure front, side, back lawn areas, and driveway lane, to sidewalks and we can give you a quote within 2 minutes without stepping foot on your property."

The business was created out of a need to bring the lawn care profession into the 21st century. Currently, they are in 41 states. They came to Fresno about a month and a half ago and they only hire people with years of experience.

"The first thing we do when we enter a new market in a new city is we try to find and partner with the top 5 and 6% of the best lawn care companies in the area and then we give them software and tools to help them operate more efficiently," said Yamaguchi.

For Medrano, it means an ideal schedule and consistent work.

"I love the whole thing, I like doing all of it especially for the customers," he said.

Those interested in working for Lawn Love or ordering service can go to Lawn Love's website https://
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