Warmer temperatures this weekend actually a benefit to certain crops in the Central Valley

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The final few days of winter in the Central Valley are looking and feeling a lot like spring.

The warm up to above normal temperatures will give crops a much-needed break after several weeks of rain.

"Because of the very wet February we had and even early March that warm weather is just going to allow trees, vines and everything else to continue the process that we typically see during spring," said Ryan Jacobsen, Fresno County Farm Bureau.

Jacobsen is the CEO and Executive Director of the Fresno County Farm Bureau.

He pointed out there is a transition between several different types of crops in the middle of March.

Harvest is wrapping up for vegetables including broccoli on the west side of the Valley.

Others in harvest are citrus crops, including several orange orchards west of Fresno.

"We are seeing cherries come into bloom. We are also seeing tree fruit still blooming right now, mainly the later variety types are still going through that cycle there," said Jacobsen.

Sunshine and warmer conditions also help bees pollinate and that's a benefit for many crops.

Including the many trees along the Fresno County blossom trial.

But there is a concern with flooding now through May, due to a deep snowpack in the Sierra that is at 158% of normal.

"It is because those warm days and particularly when we see the snowpack at the numbers we see right now, we have to pay very close attention to the way our rivers are running and how the reservoirs are being operated," he said.

The chance of showers next week is not a big concern as long as there is no threat of thunderstorms with hail.

That could damage nuts and fruits still on trees.
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