Man shot by woman in southwest Fresno after charging at her friend with knife

Fresno Police are investigating an incident in which a man was shot in a southwest Fresno liquor store after he charged at a group of women with a knife.

The man who was shot has been arrested. Mohammad Faheem, 35, is in custody for five counts of assault with deadly weapon.

The shooting occurred in the area of Fresno Street and A Street.

Authorities say surveillance cameras show a man charging towards a group of women with a knife - after getting into a verbal altercation with them.

One of the women then pulled out her handgun and fired multiple shots at the man.

The women then jumped into their car and took off while the man ran away.

That vehicle with the four women inside was pulled over a couple blocks away on Tulare and E Street.

While the women were being questioned, investigators say the man returned to the scene with cuts and blood all over his hand.

Police have since the cleared the scene but the women involved in the shooting were all taken here to police headquarters.

Authorities are now left trying to figure out if the woman who fired the shot will face charges or if that woman was just protecting herself and her friends.
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