Workout Wednesday: Using cable machines to build, strengthen your muscles

Incorporating cable machines in your workout is a powerful way to increase strength and muscle!

Local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy says cable machines are a great way to strengthen your back muscles. One of her favorite exercises is a lat pull down. She says to use different bars to change up the exercise to build up your muscles.

The next routine is a low cable row. Rhonda says you will feel it in your lower lat muscles and your core. Hold onto a stable surface with your opposite arm, and pull the cable to your side -- and look at the cable as you pull it.

The last exercise is a straight-arm pull down. It focuses and isolates the lat muscles under your armpit. Keep your arm slightly bent and bring the bar right in front of you as you breathe out. Push your lower back into the solid surface below you to also work your core.

Rhonda says to stay focused and you'll soon see results!
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