Friends and family gather to remember Nick Kauls one year after he was killed

While the sunset Wednesday night loved ones of 17-year-old Nick Kauls gathered at Woodward Park.

Writing messages on heart-shaped balloons for the young man who was gunned down one year ago at a home in Fig Garden.

A table decorated with memories of Nick.

Each piece providing some comfort to his mom Lisa.

And each person at the gathering giving her even more comfort.

"It shocked me because I didn't think this many people were going to come, I don't think I have enough balloons," said Nick's mom, Lisa.

These two close friends say it's been hard without the teen who lit up a room with his smile and kindness.

"He had such a beautiful soul and whenever he was around he brought the whole group to life," said Nick's friend.

"When I think about Nick now it's not oh when will be the next time I'm going to hang out with him it's thinking about our memories from before," said another one of Nick's friends.

And before the balloons were released.

Nick's mom was handed a white dove.

She says this moment was for her a way to help her heal.

"Letting go accepting the realization that he is never coming back," said Lisa.

After the birds flew away, those with balloons let go of their string and message for Nick.

But it's this message that his mom hopes will get to him.

As she makes it one full year without her baby boy who was taken too soon.

"Mom loves you. I wish that you were here. Love you more than the stars in the sky," wrote Nick's mom.
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