Merced College opens new Student Success and Tutorial Center

College life just got a bit easier for Merced College students, thanks to a brand new Student Success and Tutorial Center. Now students can get all the help they need in one place.

"If I have a problem doing something or a student has a problem doing something the math professors are here, the English professors are here," said Melissa Mounoutoua, a senior at Merced College.

Before the opening of the Student Success and Tutorial Center, getting the help they needed wasn't this simple.

"It was frustrating because if there wasn't a tutor available you had to walk across campus," explained Melissa. "Then when you walked across campus there was no tutor there for your subject."

Now Merced College's newest addition to the campus packs everything students may need under one roof.

"We have math faculty that's here all day, we have tutors that students can come in and see on a drop-in basis or they can schedule appointments," said Tomasia Drummond, Director of Student Success.

In the two weeks since it's been open, staff has already served nearly 1,000 students and that's just the start.

"This is going to be easier for students to locate and will really make a difference for students knowing where to go if they need help," added Drummond.

"When you have a school that supports you and gives you the support you need - you want to stay, you want to be here, you want to succeed," Melissa continued.

The grand opening of the center is set for next Monday.
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