Accused of killing estranged wife and her mother, Alan Dupras dies in custody

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Kingsburg man accused of killing his estranged wife and her mom has died in custody, sources told Action News and the Fresno County Sheriff's Office later confirmed.

Alan Dupras passed away Tuesday at Community Regional Medical Center, just three weeks after Action News reported about his deteriorating health.

"Got to see my dad last night before this happened," said his daughter, Alison Dupras, who gently lobbied for charges to be filed against her father. "Talked about some of the better times and forgave him."

Despite a collection of circumstantial evidence tying him to the crime, the 59-year-old denied killing Jennifer Dupras and Cynthia Houk inside Houk's home, where Jennifer moved after filing for divorce two months before her death in December 2017.

Dupras needed help to stand up at a court appearance in September

The cause of his decline is a mystery.

"He could've had a stroke that caused some mental consequences, or he could have a tumor, or he could've been injured," his attorney, Mark Broughton, told us. "As you know, he's had several occasions where he's had physical violence used against him."

A psychiatrist said Dupras needed a neurological exam to figure out the root cause.
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