Drought postpones High Sierra Regatta at Huntington Lake

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The current and desperately dry conditions are impacting summer plans in the mountains already. For the second year in a row it appears the High Sierra Regatta will not be held.

So far it's just postponed because of low water levels in Huntington Lake. A newsletter will be going out to homes across Central California in an effort to show off the summer activities that will still happen in the Shaver Lake area.

"I encourage everyone to plan their vacations now," said Keith Davis, president of the Shaver Lake Visitors Bureau.

But Davis says don't let the dry winter keep you away from Shaver Lake during the spring and summer. He says the town still has plenty to do.

"The Shaver Lake trophy trout organization has stocked the lake with huge fish," he said. "So people are definitely going to have luck fishing. There's less water so they're more likely to catch fish."

The businesses in and around Shaver Lake have been suffering because of the drought. "A large percent of the businesses in the shaver and surrounding communities, Huntington Lake, Dinkey Creek, they all depend on tourism, especially in the summer," Davis said.

Fewer people are up skiing and owners fear fewer will be on the lake. Shaver Lake is expected to be slightly lower than last year, but Davis says it will still be high enough to launch boats.

Just this week So Cal Edison reportedly announced at a community meeting that water levels in the higher elevation lakes, like Huntington will be well below average.

Despite the drought conditions the visitor's bureau says there are no restrictions on campers, at least for now.

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