New fitness studio opens in Clovis

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- A new fitness studio in Clovis has opened its doors, just in time for the new year

Inside Core, movement and fitness go hand in hand.

"I've been watching the fitness industry blow up in the Valley. I feel like it's lacking the connections. So I really want to teach people how to use your bodies in whatever you may do," said Stephanie Lacefield, Core owner.

The studio just launched in December for those looking for change and connection.

"I want this to be a facility that offers a little bit of all of it. We have reformer Pilates, rebounding trampoline classes, yoga, and all of them are based around your core. We're teaching you to use your core to help with balance, lengthening , building those long lean muscles in the body," Lacefield said.

In addition to pilates, rebounding has been popular, giving people a way to have fun, while getting a workout.

Lacefield also has a quiet spa-like atmosphere.

"This is our sauna sanctuary. You sit inside this infared sauna and it heats up to 150 degrees with endless benefits for fatigue, inflammation, detoxification," Lacefield said.

They are benefits, she says, you can feel right away.

Lacefield says classes are for all abilities.

"Everybody can benefit from it. There's something here they can take with them every day," Lacefield said.

It's a core passion she hopes to pass on to others.

Core offers monthly membership and packages. They're also offering kids fitness classes.

Owners hope this space will help people get in shape, but help them to be more mindful in 2020.
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