Heading to the mountains? Here's what you should keep in mind

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Authorities are anticipating a busy three-day weekend in the Fresno County mountains.

Thursday's storm left Shaver Lake and the surrounding area covered in snow.

Caltrans expects many to make their way up, but before they go, there are some things they should know.

They are advising people to be ready and expect some delays.

Anyone hoping to make it up the mountain is required to have chains, even if you're driving a four-wheel-drive vehicle. A checkpoint will also be set up to enforce this.

Once you start making you're way up, CHP says don't worry about beating the rush, but instead getting up there safely.

Visitors have four park options near Shaver Lake including Tamarack.

To get access you'll need to pay for a $5 day pass or a $25 season pass, which is good until May.

They can be purchased in many of the stores in Shaver.

If you're caught without one, you could face a nearly $100 fine.

Anyone thinking of avoiding the parks for a more secluded spot might want to think twice.

According to CHP, pulling over along Highway 168 to recreate will not be permitted.

Parking along the road could also mean blocking Caltrans plows.

"That can stop our crews from working and that in turn slows down their work and in turn slows down the travelers that are coming up to have a good day," said Caltrans District 6 spokesperson ElizabethYelton.

Caltrans says as long as you follow the rules and drive slowly, you should have no problem making it up and enjoying your favorite activities.

CHP recommends that people drive up once the sun is up. That way some of the black ice gets melted off of the roadway.

If you need to buy a snow pass you can also do that by clicking here.
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