New bookstore to open in downtown Hanford

HANFORD, Calif. (KFSN) -- A local business owner is turning the page and opening a brand new bookstore in downtown Hanford.

Running a business isn't new for Janie Isidoro. She's been managing a shop in Visalia, but as an author, she always dreamed of owning her own bookstore one day.

"I'm a writer, so I had my books on my shelf, but then I started bringing in other books as well," said Isidoro.

When their building was sold, and they had to relocate last November, Janie decided it was time for a new chapter.

"If we read it, it sticks in, and it's really important to make sure we don't forget those paperbacks, that feeling of paper in your hand," Isidoro added.

She's been spending the past few months preparing My Corazon, which will serve as a bookstore and retail shop in downtown Hanford.

"You come into a bookstore, you get to sit, and read, and open a book," Isidoro said.

"I don't think kids do that nowadays," said Hanford resident Silvia Gonzalez Scherer. "I don't think kids know what a real book store is and how wonderful it could be."

The shop will include a section for local authors, Latino writers, used books, and a kids section.

"Our bookstore is not huge and 5,000 square feet, but we're catering to our community," Isidoro said.

First, they're working on expanding their inventory and are asking for donations of all kinds.

"I've known a lot of people haven't seen a bookstore in this town in over a decade, so this is going to be fantastic for the community," Scherer said

My Corazon is set to open in early February.
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