Man arrested after Fresno Co. deputies find $1.2-million worth of marijuana plants growing inside home

"I'm laying there and I'm hearing - 'This is your last warning, come out with your hands up!' And I say, 'That's not a rooster'."

It was not the kind of alarm Cory Zamora is used to hearing at 6 o'clock in the morning.

But what was crowing was a raid happening just feet away from her home.

"They were smashing the windows with crowbars and there was glass everywhere," she says.

It was a shocking scene after the Fresno County Sheriff's Office forced their way into a house near Belmont and Willow.

Inside, detectives found over 1,260 marijuana plants. And authorities say 48-year-old Jiang Yunquan was behind the illegal grow.

The 1,263 plants had a street value of more than $1.2 million.

Zamora says when Yunquan moved in about six months ago, she had a feeling something was off.

"Immediately they closed in the back patio. Then they took the front porch and totally enclosed it, shut off all the front windows and put in the second front door. They showed up through their vans, entered through the garage, no one ever saw them. They weren't anyone you brought cookies to in December," she says.

And it's likely the people who live at another home on Bryan and Shields also did not get cookies from neighbors either.

Authorities busted Jaime Cisneros last Friday after finding nearly 950 marijuana plants inside the house where two children were living.

"His niece and his nephew, they were 15 and 11, so of course there was an endangerment of being around that substance," said Tony Botti of the Fresno County Sheriff's Office.

That's two elaborate illegal marijuana grows taken down by the Fresno County Sheriff's Office in just one week.

Zamora hopes this sends a strong message to those guilty of the crime.

"Get a warehouse and work where it's legal or something and do it right, not in my neighborhood," she says.
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