Surveillance and evidence pile up in Baby Fayth shooting case

Surveillance video recorded the shooting of 10-month-old Baby Fayth, but the case against the alleged shooter took a complicated turn on Friday.

Police say Marcos Echartea really couldn't handle rejection.

He admitted to false imprisonment - an act of domestic violence - in January 2019, but he didn't even have time to find out his punishment before he became the suspect in two new crimes.

In June 2019, police say he's the man in this surveillance video opening fire on a car, at least twice.

One bullet went through the driver's side window of the car and hit 10-month-old Fayth, who was sitting in her mother's lap, as her mother tried to get away from Echartea, whose unwanted advances she had just rejected.

"We just kept driving because I looked down and I just saw blood everywhere," said the girl's mother.

"And where did you see the blood?" asked prosecutor David Olmos.

"On my daughter," she said.

She said the gunman was Echartea, and a woman standing nearby confirms she saw him standing in the area where she heard the gunshots.

"Did you see Marcos at the tow truck at the time the shots were heard?" Olmos asked the other witness.

"Yes," she said.

Echartea is facing 16 felony charges, including several related to a drive-by shooting a month before the Baby Fayth incident.

A witness who was parked at a school near the house targeted by gunfire led police to Echartea and another man in the suspect car.

"While they were parked there, they heard a series of shots then saw the 2-door convertible Mustang leaving the area," said Fresno police detective Natalia Camarena.

Some confusion over the true identity of that witness slowed down a preliminary hearing, so a judge should rule early next week whether there's enough evidence for a trial.

Echartea is facing life in prison if he's convicted on just the attempted murder charges.

Baby Fayth's life is delayed, but finally taking off.

After surgeries to remove bullet fragments from her head, she had to wear a helmet for a while, but she took her first steps a week before her mother had to testify against Echartea.
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