Fresno, Clovis officials hoping for cooperation with recent changes amid COVID-19 outbreak

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Empty patios, cleared tabletops and signs for takeout are the new norm for the Tower District.

What's typically an evening hot spot now shows Fresno residents embracing the changes surrounding COVID-19.

In a first of its kind move for the city, Fresno Mayor Lee Brand announced a shelter-in-place.

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"We want to make sure the grocery stores stay open, hardware stores if you need to do repairs, if there are trips to doctors offices," says City of Fresno Spokesperson, Mark Standriff.

While parks are still open, Fresno's residents are being asked to practice social distancing.

"Complying voluntarily is really the only way we can flatten the curve," Standriff said.

Standriff adds that any type of price gouging during this local emergency will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Much like the City of Fresno, Clovis ordered the closure of all bars and taverns in accordance with the state mandate. Restaurants and food courts are limited to delivery, drive-thru and takeout.

Fresno's code enforcement will enforce business practices, while Clovis police will enforce in their city limits.

"We don't have a proactive policing patrol," says Clovis Police Lt. Jim Munro. "We're responding to calls as we get them, or as people report the restaurant or bar may be operating outside the parameters of the order."

So far, Clovis hasn't issued any type of shelter-in-place saying residents have been cooperative.

"We are protecting the city, keeping the city safe," Lt. Munro said. "We just ask that you follow the guidelines set by the state and federal government."

Despite the different actions agencies are taking, they're all driving home the importance of staying calm and social distancing.

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