Valley nurse spreads joy as 'stairwell singer'

A North Valley nurse is using a musical message to push through the pandemic and instill hope in the people around her.

Jillian Small-Elms is the self-proclaimed 'stairwell singer'.

She uses the power of song to share her story with the community.

She's been a nurse at Mercy Medical Center for nearly ten years.

Jillian says the medical profession is in her blood as she grew up with an OBGYN for a father and registered nurse as a mother.

Now, Nurse Jillian is using her voice to spread joy on social media.

"My dad used to always sing up and down the stairwell and it echoed and everyone was happy when he did that so I adopted it, I guess," said Small-Elms.
"I don't only want to do a song - it's kind of a goal to do a message of hope of light because somewhere along the lines one person will need to hear it because you never know what anyone is going through."

Jillian calls the stairwell her sanctuary, where she can go to forget the COVID-19 outbreak.

She believes if her singing can make just one person's day, it is worth it.
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