Prather business lifts spirits during coronavirus outbreak with goats

PRATHER, Calif. (KFSN) -- Baby goats are roaming Basilwood Farm in Prather.

"One thing about goats that's always the same is that they're always entertaining and they're always having fun. They like to play king of the log post out in the pasture," said Jill Spruance, owner of Basilwood Farm.

Spruance and her family make a variety of goats milk soap and other bath products. They've seen a slowdown in business but have gone online to reach their customers with unique packages.

Spruance was a former home school mom for her kids when they were growing up. She's taken to social media with lessons from the farm.

"It's not just the kids but a lot of adults that I've been following us for a long time or are friends of the farm. They're learning to and they were people who were wanting to get goats or in the process of preparing for them, so they're learning about how to house and feed them just different things about grades etcetera," Spruance said.

Before the pandemic, visitors were allowed to visit the goats and stop by the store to buy soap. Those field trips and lessons are now online.

Spruance said the response has been great on Facebook and Instagram .

While her business has been affected, she's glad to help bring positivity to people.

"We get a lot of comments from people who say it makes them smile yes smile and Gives them a sense through the camera of being somewhere else For a little bit and so we can share that that's why we're here and that's what we're trying to do," Spruance said.

Giving people connection and a fresh breath of air on the farm all online.
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